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Software Defined Zero Trust

Defence Industry

Safeguarding communications, secrets, and data integrity with advanced encryption, tailored for high-stakes Defence operations.

Secure Communications

Ensuring impenetrable communications between units and headquarters.

Remote Operations Security

Safeguarding data in remote operations and surveillance missions.

Data Integrity

Protecting sensitive information from breach or manipulation.

Our encryption technology meets the Defence industry’s exacting standards through its flexible adaptation to varied military operational needs. Its dynamic encryption protocol secures data across all communication channels and devices, from ground units to satellites, vital for operations where data security directly influences outcomes.

Its ability to rapidly rekey ensures a continuously reinforced encryption tunnel, offering Defence units a critical advantage by keeping communication lines secure from adversaries’ evolving tactics.

Crucially, our technology’s effectiveness in remote operations highlights its significance in modern military strategies. It guarantees data integrity and confidentiality across any location and over any IP-based communications channel, supporting operations that depend on real-time intelligence for decision-making. The blend of strong security features, operational flexibility, reliability, and proactive threat mitigation renders our encryption solution indispensable for bolstering Defence operations, ultimately contributing to enhanced national & regional security.

Secure. Reliable. Uncompromising.

Heavy encryption for defence operations.

Our encryption technology provides the Defence sector with unparalleled data security, ensuring operational integrity across global missions. Designed for high-stakes environments, it delivers the reliability demanded by military standards.


Min. Rekey Time


Rekey Latency

Operational soverignty in any environment.

Whether domestically or abroad in foreign states, Everlast Networks's SDZT ensures your devices, networks, and teams have secured communications. Designed to support decision-making and connectivity no matter what communications systems are available, our cryptographic solutions safeguard missions against evolving cyber threats, and provide another layer of protection for secure communications with zero compromise.

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