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Software Defined Zero Trust

Smarter security for smart cities

Strengthen your smart city infrastructure with SDZT, enabling easy & scaleable heavily encrypted communications.

Urban Network Security

Safeguard city-wide communications and data, from sensors to control centers, with future-proofed encryption.

Integrative Technology

Effortlessly intergrate our software into existing urban infrastructure, instantly enhancing connectivity without disruption.

Growth-Ready Security

Designed to secure anything you need, SDZT adapts to growing urban demands, and expanding technological landscapes.

As cities evolve into smart urban environments, the security and availability of interconnected systems becomes paramount. Everlast Networks delivers robust encryption solutions, based on our Software Defined Zero Trust (SDZT) encryption technology tailored for the complex networks of smart cities, encompassing everything from traffic management systems, to public safety communications. Our technology ensures that all transmitted data, whether for traffic monitoring or emergency responses, is securely encrypted and trustworthy, fostering a safe urban ecosystem.

Smart cities rely on a multitude of sensors and IoT devices to collect and transmit data, making them vulnerable to cyber threats. Our encryption technology not only protects data in transit but also secures communications across various city departments and services. This comprehensive security approach maintains the integrity and confidentiality of critical information, crucial for efficient city management and service delivery.

Secure. Reliable. Uncompromising.

Better security for modern cities.

Software Defined Zero Trust instantly secures connectivity of smart city infrastructure, and makes all communications and networks totally invisible to the outside world - thus ensuring all city and urban infrastruture communications are hardened, reliable, and trusted.


Min. Rekey Time


Rekey packet loss

Secure tomorrow’s cities today.

Everlast Networks' secure communications backbone enables smart cities to thrive, enhancing everything from traffic management, to public safety with future-ready security. Imagine a city where every sensor, no matter its function, communicates over a secure, always-online and trusted network that's invisible to the world - this is the peace of mind Everlast brings to smart cities.

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