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Take the next step in secured communications

We secure communications with single-use heavily encrypted connections, making your infrastructure invisible to the world, and ensuring devices, servers, and data flows are totally hidden.

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We make networks & communications invisible

Everlast Networks was born from a commitment to enhance security for sensitive systems (such as servers, resources, APIs, and databases) by keeping them offline by default, and heavily encrypting data transmission with zero drop-out with dynamic rekeying. Our approach rendered both ends of the connection invisible to the internet, safeguarding data in transit from visibility and access.

Our ethos of total data security finds wide-ranging applications in the IoT, defense, and government sectors, motivating the founding of Everlast to provide robust, secure connections characterized by comprehensive invisibility.


Invisible heavily encrypted connections are installed & rekeyed on the fly, without interrupting any other communications.


By bringing everything offline and through an in-kernel tunnel, we make all systems and the connection impossible to see.


By validating, rapidly rekeying, and monitoring connections, we ensure your connections are as secure as being inside the data centre.

Let's build secure networks together.

In an era where digital eavesdropping, and the security of regions & critical infrastructure a common threat, Everlast Networks champions the cause of unbreachable communications privacy. Our networking technology is built on the belief that private data should remain strictly that – private.

By rendering servers and devices invisible to the internet, and ensuring that every bit of data transmitted is heavily encrypted, we guarantee that sensitive information and data, whether for a government agency, field deployed defence infrastructure, or a remote IoT/Smart City device, remain confidential.

This commitment to privacy is not just a feature of our technology; it’s the foundation of our ethos.

Learn more about our underlying Software Defined Zero Trust

Who are we?

Everlast Networks was founded by a team of experts who saw the gaps in traditional cybersecurity measures, and wanted to create a more secure future to protect national security, infrastructure, and corporations.

Dissatisfied with the status quo that left sensitive systems vulnerable to sophisticated cyber threats, we embarked on a journey to develop a solution that could offer genuine peace of mind. Our pursuit led to the creation of our Software Defined Zero Trust (SDZT) protocol, that doesn’t just address current security challenges, but is poised to tackle future threats, including those in the post-quantum era.

Our story is one of innovation, determination, and a relentless commitment to securing the digital world.

We believe strong security and total organisational privacy is at the core of every connection.

In selecting Everlast Networks, organizations choose more than a cybersecurity solution; they embrace a partnership that prioritizes their operational integrity and data sovereignty.

Unlike conventional security models, and newer models that operate on trust and routing data through external sources, our SDZT framework ensures that trust is never assumed – it’s continuously earned and verified. Our approach allows for selective service access, including SCADA, BMS, and custom systems; dynamically and rapidly rekeyed encryptions, and total invisibility from cyber threats and the internet as a whole – through conventional networks, cellular data, and satellite connections.

For entities that cannot afford to compromise on security – like those in the defense, government, and critical infrastructure sectors – Everlast isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity.

It's rare that we see something truly unique in the cybersecurity space, which takes a strong approach to secure and private connectivity. This is really exciting!

Looking forwards.

Everlast Networks is not just responding to the cybersecurity needs of today; we’re anticipating the challenges of tomorrow. Our forward-looking R&D efforts are focused on integrating emerging technologies, including post-quantum cryptographic protocols, to ensure our solutions remain at the cutting edge of security technology.

With an eye towards expanding our impact across industries – from IoT to national and critical infrastructure – we are committed to pioneering advancements that make secure, invisible communications the universal standard.

Join us as we lead the charge towards a future where every digital interaction is protected by the strongest possible defenses.


Security where it matters most.

Work with us
We're launching a pilot program shortly. If you'd like to play with some cool tech, get in touch!