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Software Defined Zero Trust

High Performance Computing

Accelerate innovation with ultra-secure, low-latency connections for high-performance computing.

Secure Interconnectivity

Ensure data integrity and confidentiality across distributed supercomputing environments.

Real-Time Processing

Achieve near-instantaneous data transmission essential for complex computations and real-time analytics.

Flexible Deployment

Seamlessly integrate our security solutions across multiple sites and platforms.

In high-performance computing, where rapid data processing and transfer are pivotal, we’ve been testing our Software Defined Zero Trust as a solution tailored for supercomputing communications. Our technology facilitates secure, low-latency connections essential for tasks ranging from climate modeling, decision making, and machine learning, through to advanced physics simulations – ensuring that sensitive data remains protected against emerging cyber threats, with low processing overhead, allowing you to saturate your existing computational networking without any performance compromise.

Given the critical nature of the data handled by supercomputing centers, maintaining privacy and security without sacrificing speed is paramount. Our encryption protocols are designed to operate efficiently at scale, providing robust security measures that do not impede the performance of high-speed computational tasks. This makes our solution ideal for institutions engaging in cutting-edge research and development, where data breaches can have monumental repercussions.

Secure. Reliable. Uncompromised.

Optimized for Excellence.

Designed with supercomputing in mind, our Software Defined Zero Trust protocol allows you to saturate your existing compute and networking capability without much overhead, facilitating some of the best encryption available for High Performance Compute and allowing rapid decision making and discoveries, without any compromises.


latency increase during peak loads


uptime with rapid rekeying

Reliability Meets Innovation.

Trust our solutions to provide consistent, uninterrupted service, enabling your most critical computational operations to run smoothly and securely.

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