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Our Company

In an era where cyber breaches have become sophisticated and relentless, the security of vulnerable assets and resources connected to the internet hangs by a thread of mere patches and firewalls. Amidst a landscape where zero-trust solutions paradoxically demand trust in their data handling, we saw an opportunity for radical change. Thus, Everlast Networks was born, committed to redefining how secure connections should be made.

Our mission is simple yet ambitious: create a system where clients can securely connect to databases, APIs, websites, and other resources that remain entirely invisible to the internet unless engaged. We’ve pioneered an encryption system characterized by its formidable strength, incorporating continuous connection monitoring and rapid loss-less rekeying to ensure uncompromised security.

Upon developing a working protocol, our innovation quickly garnered attention from various entities, organizations, and companies, recognizing the potential to elevate their security protocols to unprecedented levels. Currently, we are excitedly charting a roadmap towards even more secure and resilient digital environments through a pilot program incorporating these entities.

Our People

Our team is comprised of industry experts with backgrounds in high performance compute, cryptography, and business development, who have come together to build something remarkable & solve problems with trust and encryption.

Our Direction

Looking ahead, our roadmap is ambitious: diving deeper into advanced security protocols and engaging in rigorous R&D into postquantum cryptography. This exploration includes refining connection, authentication, and rekeying processes to withstand the challenges of tomorrow.

We envision our technology as a cornerstone in securing critical infrastructure, defense systems, government operations, and safeguarding national and regional security. At Everlast Networks, we’re not just building a product; we’re pioneering a movement towards a safer, more secure digital world.