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At Everlast Networks, we are deeply committed to ensuring that our advanced encryption technology serves to enhance global security and privacy without compromise.

As a new innovator in cryptographic systems, we recognize the profound impact our technology can have on societies, governments, and industries worldwide. In this light, our corporate responsibility strategy is built on a foundation of ethical operations, transparency, and strict compliance.

Ethical Technology Deployment:

We rigorously vet all companies and organizations we engage with, whether through pilot programs, licensing agreements, or production software trials.

Our vetting process is designed to ensure that our partners uphold the same high standards of integrity and ethical use of technology as we do. This includes an exhaustive review to confirm that they do not have ties to governments or defense sectors outside the Five Eyes or AUKUS alliances.

Our goal for vetting entities we work with is to prevent any potential misuse of our technology that could:

  • Compromise national and regional security;
  • Violate human rights;
  • Infringe upon individual privacy;
  • Facilitate exploitation;
  • Lead to illegal utilization;
  • Etc.

Safeguarding Privacy and Security:

Our encryption systems are engineered to protect and secure data across a variety of applications and industries. We are committed to advancing the state of cybersecurity, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible while ensuring the ethical use of our technology. This commitment extends to protecting the privacy and security of individuals and organizations globally, particularly those vulnerable to cyber threats.

Partnership and Collaboration:

We actively seek partnerships with organizations that share our vision for a secure, privacy-respecting digital world. By collaborating with like-minded entities, we amplify our impact and work towards a safer internet for everyone. Our collaborations are always conducted with full transparency and in alignment with international laws and ethical standards.

Future Outlook:

Looking ahead, Everlast Networks remains dedicated to pioneering secure, ethical encryption technologies that address the challenges of tomorrow. We pledge to continue our efforts in vetting potential partners rigorously, ensuring that our contributions to cybersecurity and cryptography advance the common good without inadvertently aiding entities that may oppose Western democratic values and global security.

At Everlast Networks, corporate responsibility isn’t just a policy – it’s a core part of our identity and mission. We are steadfast in our commitment to upholding these principles, ensuring that our innovations in encryption technology contribute positively to societies and industries around the globe.

Last updated 3rd/April/2024 – 11:50am