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Software Defined Zero Trust

Secure vital communications in a true Zero Trust environment with single-use heavily encrypted connections.

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rapid connection rekeying


Connection uptime


savings vs other providers

Effortless integration.

Software Defined Zero Trust makes managing fleets of IOT/OT and user devices really easy, and can be quickly implemented into your operations by wrapping traffic through a highly secure tunnel, providing a true Zero Trust Network Access environment.

Continuous key generation.

By perpetually rekeying connections every 30-60 seconds, we can ensure your data remains highly available, private, and validated.

Your data is off record.

Clients and resources are both totally invisible to the internet. Furthermore, your data is never routed over any 3rd party or Everlast systems. What’s yours, stays yours, that’s our promise.

Software Defined Zero Trust vs SASE & ZTNA

Our Software Defined Zero Trust (SDZT) is distinguishable from traditional Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) providers models, by offering unique flexibility and security, with no compromise.

SDZT can facilitate the creation of a robust custom SASE architecture by using your own infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly rebuilds with its easy-to-implement wrapper approach. This technology emphasizes stronger encryption through rapid rekeying protocols, and maintains invisible, in-kernel connections that totally hide your communications from external parties. All of this can be applied to any existing communications, ports, or services you wish to route – allowing the heavy encryption of anything your organisation requires.

Furthermore, our dynamic DNS module resolves common routing issues seen in existing SASE, ZTNA, and VPN providers – ensuring smooth, secure zero-trust access to resources across all devices, without the management and admin complexity typically associated with existing solutions.

Some key benefits

Invisible in-kernel connections hides traffic from prying eyes.
Dynamic DNS module prevents any IP or domain collisions.
Rapid rekeying protocols - keeping your data really secure.
BYO infrastructure - no third party routing or tracking.

Supported architectures


SDZT delivers enhanced security on x64 platforms, suitable for a range of computing environments from personal desktops to data centers.

ARM (embedded)

SDZT works on embedded ARM devices, including Raspberry Pis, enabling secure connections from development through to production.

ARM (Apple Silicon)

SDZT works fantastic on Apple Silicon, and is ready to heavily bolster security in your MacOS & iOS app.


We’ve been conducting R&D into RISC-V processor architecture, and have a working build that enables these new devices to connect securely.

Under the hood

We’ve redefined encryption with our Software Defined Zero Trust (SDZT) offering, leveraging in-kernel tunnels and dynamic DNS modules for unmatched security and flexibility. Unlike typical ZTNA providers, our solution empowers you to deploy on-prem, in your own data center, or across cloud environments without routing anything through us.

Technology SDZT Cloud ZTNA
Zero Trust Security Model ✔️ ✔️
Dynamic Encryption Protocols ✔️ (In-kernel tunnels, dynamic DNS) ✔️ (Standard VPN backend)
Rapid Rekeying Mechanisms ✔️ Limited or none.
Invisible Connections/Endpoints ✔️
Post-Quantum Cryptography Readiness In-Progress
Seamless Integration w/o App Rebuild ✔️ Requires implementations.
Deployment Flexibility ✔️ (On-prem, own DC, AWS/Azure, Edge) Limited (Must route through their systems).
Operational Adaptability ✔️
Cloud and On-Premises Deployment ✔️ Client only.
Advanced IoT Fleet Management System ✔️ Requires building or 3rd party support.
In-Kernel Routing & Advanced DNS Handling ✔️
Advanced Connection Verification ✔️ Cert pinning requires advanced setup.
Server-Side Advanced Firewall & Security ✔️