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Software Defined Zero Trust


Empower secure, direct communication within government sectors with our zero trust heavy encryption framework.

Direct Government Communication

Enable secure, direct communication between various government departments in a true zero trust environment, with no third-party oversight.

Safeguard Sensitive Information

Protect highly classified documents and communications with advanced encryption that maintains integrity and confidentiality.

Full Administrative Authority

Take full control over the encryption environment, ensuring that sensitive data never leaves the secure governmental network.

Everlast Networks delivers a specialized encryption framework designed for the unique needs of government operations. This technology enables secure communication across different governmental bodies, facilitating the sharing and accessing of restricted data without relying on conventional, less secure VPN solutions. By implementing our secure channels, government entities can ensure that their internal communications are shielded from external threats and interceptions.

Recognizing the critical need for uncompromised security and privacy in government communications, our Software Defined Zero Trust implementation eliminates any third-party data routing – this level of autonomy not only massively enhances security, but also supports compliance with strict governmental regulations. Each department also retains full control over their communications network, with the ability to monitor and manage access without any external interference or control.

Secure. Reliable. Uncompromising.

Secure Government Framework.

Deploy our encryption solutions to facilitate secure, seamless inter-departmental communications and access to classified networks. Our SDZT platform also ensures that government employees can safely access sensitive information, with robust authentication protocols in place.


Min. Rekey Time


Rekey Latency

Command Your Communications.

At Everlast Networks, we believe in governance with confidence. Our encryption technology will give you the tools to operate a secure, self-managed communication network, ensuring every message, order, and document remains confidential and protected.

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