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In the rapidly evolving landscape of smart cities, where technology seamlessly integrates into every aspect of urban life, the security of infrastucture based IoT devices becomes paramount. At Everlast Networks, we’re at the forefront of this revolution, ensuring that the very backbone of smart city infrastructure – from Building Management Systems (BMS) to SCADA – operates with unparalleled security through our innovative Software-Defined Zero Trust (SDZT) solution.

Why SDZT Stands Apart

  • Targeted IoT Security: Our primary focus is on securing the IoT ecosystem that modern smart cities heavily rely on. SDZT is tailored for the unique demands of IoT devices used in city infrastructure, BMS, SCADA systems, and more!
  • Beyond Traditional Methods: Traditional security solutions often route data through third-party servers or rely on VPN providers, which can introduce points of vulnerability and instability. SDZT circumvents these risks by keeping communications offline and secure, ensuring direct, protected connections!
  • Reliability in Connectivity: The common dropout issues associated with VPNs are a thing of the past with SDZT. Our system guarantees a steady, uninterrupted flow of data, which automatically finds the best route and secures access through it – crucial for the consistent operation of all connected smart city technologies!
  • Direct Data Routing: By routing data directly to its destination without any third-party handling, and keeping everything handled inside your ecosystem, SDZT upholds the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information – a cornerstone in the zero-trust model!

The Smart City Vision

Smart cities promise efficiency, sustainability, and enhanced quality of life. However, this promise hinges on the reliability and security of the underlying technology. By embedding SDZT into the heart of smart city operations, we ensure that these urban technological marvels are not just smart but also secure.

As we step into the future, Everlast Networks remains committed to providing cutting-edge security solutions that are as innovative as the smart cities they protect. Join us in building a safer, smarter world.